Well, hello there.

We’re working on something we think could be pretty great, and we’re hoping you can help.

Here’s the problem: A lot of us have way too much stuff.

More specifically, we have a lot of extra stuff that we don’t put to good use. Instead it just sits there, cluttering our homes and weighing on our minds.

Here’s (what we think is) the answer: Make it easy for each of us to give that extra stuff to others — a worthy organization, the local school, our neighbors — who could put it to better use.

The world would be improved (as we help the environment), and we would be happier (as we help one another). It would be an all-around Very Good Thing™.

Now here's where you come in...

One reason people don’t give more readily is they simply don’t know about the many great (often smaller) organizations doing good work who have many, many things they could put to good use. Everyone knows about the big names, but smaller organizations struggle to get the word out about their needs. That’s something we’d like to fix.

But to do that, we need your help. We want the world to know about your organization and the things you need to achieve your mission and make the world a better place. But before we can tell the world, we need you to tell us.

So, care to be a part of this thing we’re doing? (We hope you will.) If so, the next step is an easy one: Answer a few short questions and we'll get in touch with you!

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The Good Use Team