Giving to one another in a safe and healthy way

Health & Safety

Good Use is all about increasing happiness by bringing people together to give directly to one another. There are important things we all should keep in mind in order to do this safely. And especially now, we all need to do more to protect each other’s health.

Giving in good health

Good health is something everyone cares about all of the time. But nowadays, we’re especially concerned about it. Due to COVID-19, unnecessary contact between people may very well be discouraged or even prohibited where you live. The last thing we want you to do is put yourself or others at risk, so in addition to following guidelines from the CDC and your local health department, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Most importantly, be sure you are obeying all legal directives or laws in your community, including those about “stay at home” orders and social distancing. We don’t know what those are where you live, so we can’t tell you specifically what to do. It’s up to you to make sure you obey your community’s restrictions. If you aren’t sure you can give to or receive from someone else in the Good Use community because of your community’s COVID-19 directives, then politely inform the other person via the app. But if you are able to give and receive…
  • If you’re passing on an object, do your best to disinfect it and make sure it’s as clean as possible. If you’re receiving an item, consider quarantining the object for a few days and then giving it your own good cleaning before putting it to good use.
  • When you’re arranging the transfer of goods, keep social distancing practices in mind. For example, if you arrange to meet a person or organization at a public place, be sure to maintain sufficient distance (at least 6 feet) between people. Alternately, you might want to arrange a “contactless” pick-up or delivery where you leave the object at a mutually agreed upon place, like a front porch, curbside or driveway, and then alert the other person when you’ve either dropped it off or picked it up.

But even in the current environment, we think it’s possible to stay safe and still maintain a personal touch. For example, you can arrange to meet the other person at a public space and place the object on a table or bench between you, allowing you to talk to one another while still remaining far enough apart. Or, if you are doing a contactless pick-up or delivery, you can still find ways to personalize the experience and express gratitude. Attach a hand-written note to the object before you hand it off, or immediately respond to a giver with a quick thank you to let them know that you appreciate the gift. These may seem like small gestures, but they make the process of giving and receiving a little more personal and meaningful, and that’s something we all could use more of, especially right now.

Giving safely

Interacting directly with the person you are giving to or receiving from is an important part of what makes the Good Use community special. But when you do that, especially if the other person is someone you don’t already know, consider the following tips:

  • First and foremost, trust your instincts. If for whatever reason you don’t feel safe giving to (or receiving from) someone, you’re under no obligation to do so. Send them a polite message in the app to tell them you’ve changed your mind and you wish them good luck in finding someone else.
  • Be confident in the other person’s identity. Good Use helps you do this by verifying the identity of every user and organization account in the community using public records. Check the user’s profile page for the blue, verified user checkmark. “Identity Verified,” means their personal information, including first and last names and address, have been verified. (“Identity Pending” means the verification process is still underway. If someone tries to sign up to Good Use with a fraudulent identity, we delete that account.)
Verified user checkmark
Verified user checkmark
  • Use the app’s chat function to discuss how you will exchange the object or service that is being given. If there are things that are important to you (for example, meeting in a public place during the daytime, or wanting to arrange a “contactless” delivery), be clear about that up front so that the other person knows what you expect.
  • If you do have a problem with another user, report them to us using the “Report an Account” function in the app. We’ll investigate and follow up.
  • And finally, use common sense. Don’t agree to meet someone at a desolate location in the dead of night. You’re in control of how you participate in the community and you should only do so as long as you are comfortable.

Thanks for being a part of Good Use!