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Good Use is a community where everything is free. Sharing produces a magical feeling like no other, so we want to encourage more of it. Organizations like yours are the key to make it happen.
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Why be a part of Good Use?

One community where you can expand your reach, and find the donations and volunteers you need.
Get better donations
Create a “wishlist” on Good Use to tell your donors exactly what you need on an ongoing basis. This ensures that every donation meets an actual need, saving you the burden of having to store donations you can’t use but also can’t turn down for fear of offending donors.
Find more volunteers
There’s a lot of skill and talent in the world, but it often isn‘t applied where it’s needed most. You can use Good Use to communicate the skills you need to a community of people with the talent to help and who are eager to volunteer.
Expand your reach
Be introduced to new people who can become great supporters of your cause. And because a rising tide lifts all boats, by being involved, you not only benefit from those newly inspired to support you, you will inspire support for the other organizations on Good Use as well.

It‘s free and easy to use

Step 1: Set up a profile

Include a basic description of your organization, contact information, and a profile picture.

Step 2: Create a wishlist

List all the things (physical things, skills, and volunteer time) that you could use to support your mission and that others might have available to give.

Step 3: Promote your wishlist

You’ll be shown to people in the Good Use community who have things to share that match the things you need.

Step 4: Respond to givers

When a match is made, the users will contact you and you can arrange the exchange within the app.

Join the club

These organizations are just some of those inspiring giving on Good Use.