How Good Use works

Everything on Good Use is free!

Step 1: Create your account

Create an account by using your email address or signup via Apple, Facebook, or Google.

Step 2: Create a listing

Offer to share something or ask for something you could use.

You can share anything by creating a listing - clothing, furniture, sporting equipment to even your time and skills.

Wish listings are things being asked for. You can look through them to see if you could help fulfill it.

Step 3: Connect & chat

See someone sharing something you like? Let others know by clicking on "I'm interested".

Found a wish listing you could help with? Click on "I can help".

Step 4: Give & get

Decide when and where to meet with other to share stuff.

Step 5: Gratitude is the attitude!

Receive appreciation for giving to the community. Celebrate others by sending them a thank you note!