Good Use Experience
April 22, 2021

Stories of Good Use: Michelle Q

Meet Michelle Q. from Downey, CA. The 40 year old mother of three (2 biological and one stepchild) grew up in South Los Angeles, works in the financial services industry, and loves to read. 

Michelle embodies what makes a Good Use community member. Like all of us, Michelle loves connecting with new friends and utilizing Good Use to post and find appreciated items that need a new home. 

Like so many of us, Michelle loves Good Use thanks to the closure that comes with guaranteeing the destination of passed along items. 

What makes Michelle’s story extra special is the heart-warming relationship she’s developed with fellow Good Use member Raphaela, who too loves connecting with her community and making good use of things. 

It all started when Michelle gave a portable DVD player to Raphaela. During that initial in-person encounter, Michelle learned that Raphaela was making use of items with a group of young girls she works with. 

When the Good Use team caught up with Michelle about the encounter, she added:

“Raphaela was extremely thankful that her girls would be able to have something to watch movies on.”

But the story doesn’t end there. During the meet-up where Michelle provided the DVD player, she asked Raphaela if she believed the girls might enjoy some board games and video gaming systems. It turns out they needed those types of items, so Michelle has since given them a PS2, PS3 and Nintendo Switch, along with board games, stuffed animals and a four drawer storage system. 

Since these initial interactions, Raphaela and Michelle have met again, with Michelle providing some backpacks for the girls. Now the girls not only have new movies to watch and video games to play, but they also have backpacks to take their belongings with them when they leave the program. Concludes Michelle:

“In a world where one can be anything, being kind is not hard.” 

We agree, Michelle. We’ll see you in the Good Use comments!