March 24, 2021

Stories of Good Use: Melanie F

Your fellow Good Use community member Melanie F. juggles similar challenges to the rest of us during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to her role as a Marketing Manager at a pet industry startup, Melanie had recently given birth to her son (now 10 months old) as the pandemic took hold of the world. 

The working mom with a newborn somehow defies time and keeps quite active in the Good Use app, regularly connecting and exchanging items with her local San Pedro, CA community. Her thoughts echo many users we’ve connected with who aim to utilize Good Use to post and find appreciated items that need a new home: 

“In the ‘new normal’ we’re living in amidst a pandemic, I feel I’ve become less materialistic and truly enjoy cleaning, organizing, and sorting through my belongings that I can let go of.”

Melanie has loved the embrace of the Good Use community: 

“The people I’ve given items to are much nicer and more reliable than people, say, on OfferUp or other apps where you sell items.”

When asked to share more, Melanie expanded on that last point -- giving details about the wonderful connections she’s made with fellow Good Use community members: 

“I once gave developmental infant toys to an admirable woman who fosters babies with developmental issues born to mothers struggling with substance abuse. I also met another woman who was a professional flight nanny for puppies. Cutest job ever!? And I also met a woman who collected blankets and jackets to distribute to the homeless.”

Below is a condensed version of our recent Q&A with Melanie. Enjoy. 

Good Use: How does your participation in Good Use make you feel? 

Melanie:My participation in Good Use feels good! It definitely feels better to give an item to a person who needs it rather than dropping off items in bulk to the local Goodwill. When I list baby items, people are often quick to share why they need it and who it’s for--and that’s a good feeling, knowing that my baby’s items will be going to another little one.”

Good Use: Why do you use Good Use? Is it more of a utility for you to get rid of gently used things? Are you more interested in the recycling component? Either way, describe how your specific use of Good Use is important to you. 

Melanie: “Both, I would say. My house is teeny tiny! I live in a 1000 sq ft home in Los Angeles. Until I had my own baby, I never realized how much space and gear they would “need”. My entire home quickly turned into a nursery overnight. Good Use is great for getting rid of gently used baby items, which helps free up valuable space.”

Good Use: Did Good Use help address a challenge for you? If so, how? 

Melanie:Yes. I am currently on a [challenging] journey to lead a more minimalist lifestyle. Good Use has supported my efforts in getting rid of items I no longer need without feeling wasteful. It feels good not to throw things away that may end up in a landfill or dump items in bulk at the thrift store.” 

Good Use: What would you like the world to know about your community of giving at Good Use? 

Melanie:Good Use is a great, diverse community filled with well-meaning, generous people.” 

Thank you, Melanie! We’ll see you in the Good Use comments!

Want to join Melanie in contributing to your community by listing your previously loved items to Good Use? Looking for something new-to-you that you could put to Good Use in your life? Click here to download the Good Use app.