Good Use Experience
March 24, 2021

Stories of Good Use: Marina M

Marina is an active member of the Good Use community. The mother of five children was once a single mother struggling to make ends meet. Now married with three children still in the home and two under two years old, Marina loves buying adorable things for her kids but they too often grow out of them with hardly any use. In Marina’s words:
Some of them are really good quality, used once and just super cute.”

Enter Good Use. Since Marina discovered our community of giving, the now thriving mother of five can’t stop giving. For Marina, giving is a personal experience because she knows firsthand just how important the act of giving can be for people in need. She adds:

Good Use is a great way to give your things a second life.”

With an abundance of valuable kids clothing -- and having made the decision their family is complete -- Marina has found a community in Good Use. She’s been consistently giving items away, seeking nothing but the feeling of happiness that families can make meaningful use of these items. In Marina’s words: 

“I always felt that it would be really nice to be able to give them to someone who has a baby and might really need them rather than someone who will sell them to make a profit.”

Marina opened up to us about her struggles as a single mother, which speaks to her mindset now that she has the means to give back:

“I had my son 14 years ago. I was a single mom struggling to make ends meet and was very grateful to receive any hand me downs I could, just to make sure that my son had what he needed.”

The items hold sentimental value to Marina. They’re her babies’ things. That’s why it’s so important to her that she can pass them on to families who really need them. Marina explains: 

“All of my babies’ things have a sentimental value to me, so it is not so much as an easy way to get rid of things but rather hope that someone else can make their own memories with these items.”

Marina is committed to the Good Use community, and eager to give back and engage with fellow community members well in to the future:

“I know some of this stuff might be very helpful for someone in need. I have a few listings on the app now and definitely plan to list more as my girls grow.”

Marina also enjoys seeking out “wishes” in Good Use to see how she might help: 

“I constantly catch myself looking through “wishes” and trying to help in other ways too. It makes me feel like I might be able to make a little difference. I know it’s not much, but especially with the Pandemic, if my items can help someone at least a little, I’ll be glad.”

Want to join Marina in contributing to your community by listing your previously loved items to Good Use? Looking for something new-to-you that you could put to Good Use in your life? Click here to download the Good Use app.

Some fun facts about Marina:
  • She’s originally from Russia, and moved to the United States when she was 14 years old. She reads, write and speaks both Russian and English. 
  • She’s a department manager at a company specializing in innovative security solutions.
  • She holds a law degree.